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Prepared for the future

Block of flats
EcoHeater extract air heat pump

Andersberg | Halmstad

All 17 stairwells with 10 storeys in the Andersberg district in Halmstad have been fitted with EcoHeaters in stages.

The system is connected to HFAB’s central operating and monitoring system for control and regulation purposes and is prepared for various future operational strategies, depending on the price model for district heating and how the price of energy develops.

“We think it is important. The only thing we can say about the future is that we do not know what is going to happen, but we are prepared for most things,” says Ulf Johansson, HFAB HVAC and energy coordinator.

“We are now preparing to supply our properties with solar power within a few years.”


We are really pleased with the actual outcome of the project

Ulf Johansson, HVAC and energy coordinator at HFAB
Photo: Thomas Jansohn, MediaPartner


About the project

Property owner HFAB
Year of construction 1969
Number of apartments 523
A-Temp 43 500 m2
Annual COP approx. 4
District heating purchased before 114 kWh/m2 A-temp
District heating purchased
+ compressor power after
68 kWh/m2 A-temp
Property power purchased before 16 kWh/m2 A-temp
Property power purchased after 14 kWh/m2 A-temp



  • Major energy savings
  • The installation used the previous generation of EcoHeater. The new EcoHeater is 10–15% more energy-efficient than its predecessor.



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