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New AHUs resulted in
world-class energy savings

Envistar Flex

Manufacturing | Gothenburg

At the Ruag Space facility in Gothenburg, space industry equipment is developed and manufactured. The operations require a completely controlled indoor climate, for example when manufacturing electronics.

We, at IV Produkt, have installed four air handling units – two from the Flexomix range and two from the Envistar Flex range. One of the Flexomix units is a recirculation unit, which together with a humidification solution from Consat achieves precisely the right temperature and humidity in the clean rooms. (In clean rooms, manufacturing takes place with low amounts of environmental pollutants.) The second Flexomix air handling unit with plate heat exchanger recovers heat from the extract air and provides fresh air.

The Envistar Flex units with counter-flow heat exchangers are equipped with our ODS patented defrosting technology and the heat recovery makes for a high annual energy efficiency. These air handling units ensure a good indoor air in the lab environment, where the risk of contaminated air returning to the supply air must be eliminated.


55 percent less energy usage

Lars-Olof Lindehede is the responsible project manager and systems technician at consultant firm Consat. He believes that this is a world-class project from a savings and sustainability perspective.

Project manager Lars-Olof Lindehede​ in the plantroom

In the plantroom, project manager Lars-Olof Lindehede discusses energy savings with our sales representatives Christian and Marie.

Following up on the energy savings after the installation, shows results better than all expectations. The average annual saving is 4.4 million kWh, which corresponds to a saving of 55 percent. If we use €0.10/kWh as a calculation example, that equals an annual cost saving of €440.000.


Reduced draft

In the clean rooms, the staff has previously experienced a draft from the ventilation. This is no longer the case, as the new ventilation system can be adapted better than before. The system has resulted in a mores table humidity and particle level in the clean rooms, which is crucial for the production.

At the Ruag Space facility, space industry equipment is developed and manufactured 

At the Ruag Space facility, space industry equipment is developed and manufactured 

At the Ruag Space facility in Gothenhurg, space industry equipment is developed and manufactured. The new ventilation solution is more adaptable.


Knowledge about ventilation

One of Ruag Space’s requirements was that the production should not stop during the installation of the new air handling units. They had an hour to shut down the old units and commission the new ones.

The Ruag Space facility is just at the entrance to Gothenburg

The Ruag Space facility is just at the entrance to Gothenburg. After installing new air handling units, they have made an annual energy saving of 55 percent.

“The collaboration with IV Produkt is positive in every way, no matter where in Sweden we deal with them. They are in complete control, throughout the entire project. It feels safe and secure, and they contribute with a lot of knowledge in the projects, says Lars-Olof Lindeheden”.



  • Annual energy savings of 4.4 million kWh, corresponding to a saving of 55 percent.
  • The ventilation system was customised for the customer’s varied operations, such as offices, manufacturing and restaurant.
  • The air handling units were transported into the building in small sections and site-assembled in a tight space.
  • No production downtime as a result of the installation.

Noggrann planering vid installationen 

Marie Kandevik at IV Produkt and Lars-Olof Lindeheden at Consat 

Careful planning was required 

Careful planning was required leading up to the installation. Some of the air handing units had to be hand-carried in small sections and site-assembled in a tight space on the 2nd floor. Our sales representative Marie Kandevik, and Lars-Olof Lindeheden at consultant firm Consat have had a great collaboration.


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