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Home Concept EcoHeater

A series of extract air units with integrerad heat pump for energy efficient blocks of flats

The majority of existing blocks of flats only have one extract air ventilation system (F-system). In cases where no supply and extract air system (FTX) exists, there is an option to recover energy from extract air.

EcoHeater is an extract air unit with integrated heat pump. The compressor is speed controlled via a frequency inverter, which means that EcoHeater is constantly adjusting in relation to the amount of energy that is available to recover. When tenants cook or take a shower, EcoHeater also recovers the extra energy that arises as a result of a higher moisture content and increased air flow. This is unique to EcoHeater.

EcoHeater is simple to install and offers substantial energy savings.

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  • Easier and less costly to install than installing supply air ducts
  • Gives energy savings comparable to conversion to a FTX-system
  • Installation does not disturb tenants
  • Manages 6–60 flats/units
  • Air flow 0,18 – 2,10 m3/s
  • 6 sizes

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Home Concept EcoHeater

IV Produkt Designer is a product selection program designed for IV Produkt’s air handling units. The program generates unit drawings and information on performance, which can be exported to various CAD applications in the form of intelligent files.


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Home Concept EcoHeater

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