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Find videos about air handling units and energy efficiency here.

How can smart ventilation solutions increase property value, and how can you transport a large air handling unit through a standard size door? Find out about this and more in our videos about ventilation. There are also videos on product news and recordings of our webinars.


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Introduction to air handling units

Getting started with IV Produkt Cloud

Clever ventilation frees up roof surfaces – ThermoCooler HP

Time switch program in Climatix

Introduction to setpoints in Climatix

Getting started with the IV Produkt AHU Controls app

Smart ventilation with ThermoCooler HP

Smart ventilation with the New EcoCooler

Smart ventilation increases property value

New Envistar Top – More energy efficient than ever!

We celebrate 50 years of energy efficient air handling

Falkenberg Strandbad Hotel and IV Produkt Cloud

Envistar Flex with Easy Access (Extended)

Counter-flow heat exchanger with Easy Access

Envistar Top with Easy Access

NEWS Online: Products and Future Plans June 2020

IV Produkt Online March 2021 – welcome to visit our new facilities!

IV Produkt Online May 2021 – Creative AHU solution for school in listed building

Envistar Flex with Easy Access (Short version)

Envistar Flex with Easy Access

IV Produkt Online November 2021 – Sports facility with 100% fresh air and cooling

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