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The widest range of air handling units
on the market

IV Produkt offers the most complete range of air handling units on the market

From a production perspective, it is easier to manufacture air handling units in a few sizes and models with limited differences. But at IV Produkt we have chosen to be the best in the fan room. We know that there is a need for a wide range of products to meet different needs and facilitate optimum energy efficiency.

Read more about our different product lines or contact us, and we will develop a solution that fits your project.

Our products tailored to your needs!


The Envistar range consists of the Top, Compact and Flex models. Integrated control equipment provides a complete unit that has been function-tested and is ready for commissioning. The unit communicates easily with the parent system, which makes management and support much easier. The units have been developed with consideration to low installation and operating costs. The Envistar range can be used in all types of properties, e.g. schools, offices, hotels, shopping centres, industrial premises and hospitals.

Envistar Top

A top-connected duct connection is best suited in approximately 70 per cent of systems with air flow ranges up to 2.8 m3/s.


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Envistar Compact

With its compact dimensions, Envistar Compact fits perfectly in tight spaces.

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Envistar Flex

The series is available with a wide range of fans, motors and heat recovery units, which leads to energy-optimised air handling.

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Home Concept

We want to contribute to improving the energy efficiency of homes across Europe through innovative air handling solutions. Therefore, we have developed a tailored concept for blocks of flats. Home Concept is designed for both renovations and new-builds.

Home Concept FTX

Centrally positioned FTX units for renovating and building blocks of flats

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Home Concept EcoHeater

A series of extract air units with integrated heat pump for energy efficient blocks of flats

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Flexomix was developed to meet the requirements for energy-efficient ventilation both today and in the future. In order to achieve optimal air handling, it is important to be able to customise the units according to the different fan room conditions. Flexomix is available in as many as 26 sizes, which allows the best energy efficiency regardless of space. The units are designed for comfort ventilation of premises and are suitable for most types of properties, e.g. schools, offices, hotels, shopping centres, industrial premises and hospitals.


Flexomix is produced to meet current and future needs when it comes to energy effective ventilation.

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Integrated cooling units and reversible heat pumps

Our integrated cooling units and reversible heat pumps provide a turnkey solution for ventilation and comfort cooling. All components are incorporated in a module section placed in the air handling unit, which makes installation easy and removes the need for a refrigerant unit on the roof. They also require much less energy than an external unit. The reversible heat pump ThermoCooler HP also heats the ventilation air. EcoCooler and ThermoCooler HP offer a complete CE-marked installation, which has always been tested and function-tested before delivery.

NEW EcoCooler

EcoCooler is a cooling unit controlled via a frequency inverter, which means that our largest model can cool air steplessly from 2.0-10.4 m3/s.

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ThermoCooler HP

ThermoCooler HP is a reversible heat pump which steplessly heats the ventilation air and – like EcoCooler – cools it.

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In indoor swimming pools, the dehumidification system needs to be well dimensioned with high operational reliability. FlexoPool is tailored to create a good indoor climate in swimming pools, spas and water parks.


FlexoPool is tailor made for creating a good indoor climate for swimming pools, spas and water parks.

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