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Compact air handling units in one of
the world’s tallest wooden buildings

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Mjøstårnet | Brumunddal

The magnificent Mjøstårnet does not escape anyone who passes Brumunddal, just south of Lillehammer in Norway. 85 meters up into the air stretches one of the world's tallest wooden buildings, which was completed in 2019.

On Mjøstårnet's 18 floors, there are hotels, offices, apartments and a restaurant. The requirements from the client were clear: the technology was not allowed to take up too much space and several compact ventilation units with integrated cooling were desired. Project manager Jostein Bye Sørum at GK Norway was responsible for the installation of the ventilation units.

With its 18 floors, Mjöstårnet is one of the world's tallest wooden buildings.

With its 18 floors, Mjöstårnet is one of the world's tallest wooden buildings. Foto: Jostein Bye Sørum.

– IV Produkt was the only company that could offer a suitable solution, with top-connected units with integrated cooling on each floor, says Jostein Bye Sørum.

Acoustic and wood materials

Something that was discussed during the construction was the acoustic sensitivity in the building due to the amount of wood material. In combination with accurate dimensioning and concrete on top of the wooden floor, it became a quiet and energy-efficient ventilation system.

The client is AB Invest, including inter alia, Arthur Buchardt. Mjøstårnet is not a traditional building in steel and concrete, but mainly gluewood beams have been used.

– With such a wooden construction, there were restrictions on where we could lay cables, pipes and ducts. But we were involved in the design at an early stage and planned for this”, says Jostein Bye Sørum.

So far, he has only received good reviews regarding the indoor climate in the tower and it has been cool and nice during the hot summer.

The 18 floors provide, among other things, hotels, offices and apartments.

Photo: Voll Arkitekter AS & Ricardo Foto.

A dream project

IV Produkt delivered 14 ventilation units, all with integrated control equipment for variable air volume based on CO2 values and temperature. Lars Lerdalen is IV Produkt's sales manager in Norway.

– This was a dream project for IV Produkt. Perfect for our type of products, with compact flexible units and cooling recovery, he says.

Every unit was delivered with integrated control equipment for variable air volume based on CO₂ values and temperature. 

IV Produkt delivered 14 ventilation units to Mjøstårnet. 

In Mjøstårnet there are a total of 14 units from IV Produkt installed. Photo of Mjøstårnet: Voll Arkitekter AS & Vizwork AS

The result

  • Optimised surface for air handling units with integrated cooling.
  • Low noise level despite the building's wood material.
  • Cool temperature even during summer.

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