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The Alen Neighbourhood | Norrtälje

In the Norrtälje port, a new neighbourhood is taking shape and construction happens at full pace. The idea of rebuilding the old port area is to create a living neighbourhood for children, boats and swimming.

The Alen Neighbourhood consists of rental flats as well as short-term and elderly housing. A lot of weight has been put on adapting the ventilation for those the people living in the buildings. The property owner found it important to prioritise a comfortable indoor climate. IV Produkt’s wide range of products made it possible to tailor a solution with nine air handling units from the Envistar Flex series.


Credentia built the properties and Pihl Ventilation installed IV Produkt's units.

The Alen Neighbourhood, in the expanding town Norrtälje, includes short-term and elderly housing as well as rental flats. Occupancy took place in the spring of 2022. The property owner was Heba Fastighets AB and housing developers were Magnolia Bostad. Credentia were the builder and Pihl Ventilation installed our air handing units. Photo: Credentia

Added cooling

For the elderly to have a comfortable temperature on hot summer days, the retirement home was equipped with an Envistar Flex Home Concept unit with the integrated cooling unit EcoCooler

The Envistar Top units save floor space, which means smaller plant rooms or the possibility for alternative placement. The units are adapted to easily be transported through narrow door openings.

The units are adapted to be transported through narrow doorways. 

The units are customised to be transported through narrow doorways. 



  • Our wide range of products made it possible to tailor the ventilation to the different types of housing in the building.
  • Envistar Flex Home Concept with EcoCooler provides comfortable cooling for the elderly housing during warm summer days.

A lively neighborhood for children, boats and swimming. 

Our wide product range has enabled custom ventilation to the Alen Quarter. 

The Alen Neighbourhood consists of several buildings with varying operations and tenants. Photo: Magnolia Bostad


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