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IV Produkt Online –
webinars about ventilation

Our IV Produkt Online webinars have already attracted several thousand participants from over 25 countries.

Join us and visit a highschool, a sports hall, our own production facilities, and more. Expect short presentations filled with content based on our long experience of smart ventilation solutions and energy-efficient air handling.


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IV Produkt Online November 2021

Sports facility with 100 % fresh air ventilation and cooling

Welcome to a digital presentation from Åhus Padelcourt, one of many experiences at Kristianstad Golf Club. Together with the project manager, players and CEO, we get to experience a good indoor climate with cooled ventilation which improves performance.

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IV Produkt Online May 2021

Creative AHU solution for school in listed building

Welcome to a digital presentation from an upper secondary school in Halmstad, Sweden! We are challenged with creating a really good indoor climate in a listed building with clear restrictions on what can and cannot be done during renovation and retrofitting. Join us on a journey from 1925 to 2021!

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IV Produkt Online March 2021

AHU solution for offices and production facilities

Well over 1,000 people from 19 countries participated in this digital presentation! Among other topics, we shared knowledge on how a good indoor climate and smart ventilation can improve health, increase productivity while at the same time being a profitable investment. The viewers also joined the grand opening of our new facilities.

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IV Produkt Online April 2020

The latest news on air handling units

On April 23–24th 2020, nearly 800 people participated at a digital experience of our booth that we had built at our head office in Växjö. During the live event, we shared our latest news as well as knowledge and experiences within energy efficient air handling.

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What do the participants think?

Feedback from the IV Produkt Online survey:

”It was great having the installer and property owner in the event, to hear their experiences and what to think about in projects. A very good event!”

”Relevant information that I'll happily share as a sales pitch to my customers.”

”Very interesting and positive with a webinar where I could quickly and easily get updated about products, without travelling to a trade show. An hour at the office vs 1-2 days work trip is a big saving.”

”Very good info in a short amount of time, with relevant technical and financial data! The video about site transportation and mounting was good, too.”


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