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The best water park in the Nordic region
with efficient ventilation

Swimming pool
Envistar Top

Experium – Lindvallen, Sälen

At Experium, which is open all year round, visitors can take a dip in one of the best adventure pools in the Nordic region with Sweden’s first indoor-surfing machine, go bowling, watch a film in the cinema, enjoy spa treatments and eat food from all corners of the world.

Experium cost about SEK 360 million to build and is one of the largest investments ever made in the Scandinavian mountains.


FlexoPool, Flexomix and Envistar Top


With a lot of water in circulation, and numerous activities such as the wave machine and jacuzzis, the water park at Experium has a large ventilation and dehumidification requirement. FlexoPool has been used in these areas, as a unit specifically adapted for indoor swimming pools and this type of aggressive air environment. The environment requires a high quality of ventilation and dehumidification due to the corrosion risk.

Other areas are serviced by eight Flexomix units. In conjunction with Experium, Skistar have also built a ski lodge which contains seven Envistar Top units.


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