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ThermoCooler HP

Integrated reversible heat pump with stepless cooling and heating power

The reversible ThermoCooler HP heat pump can be integrated in our Envistar Top and Envistar Flex units.

All parts of the cooling/heating pump are incorporated in a module section, which is located in the air handling unit. This means that you receive a total solution for heating ventilation air and comfort cooling in one unit. Since everything is integrated in the air handling unit, there is generally no need for frost coils, pump sets or dry coolers.

The installation is complete, CE-marked and always test-run in our test facility before delivery. A unit with integrated heating/cooling pump is more energy efficient than a traditional cooling installation with external cooling unit and heating coil.


  • Envistar Top with ThermoCooler HP Airflow 0.25 – 2.0 m3/s,
    cooling power 3 – 32 kW
  • Envistar Flex with ThermoCooler HP Airflow 0.25 – 8.6 m3/s,
    cooling power 3 – 140 kW
  • High EER (up to 6.0) in the cooling mode
  • High COP (6–15) in the heating mode,
    depending on outdoor temperature
  • Ideal for large variable air flows (VAV)
  • No defrost cycle required
  • Low installation and operating costs
  • Dimensions and weights
  • Performance and power

Imagine ...

Imagine if the installation for cooling and heating were integrated in the air handling unit instead of being separate installations. There is no need for external pipe work, valves or lagging. The roof surface can therefore be used for more pleasant purposes than installations. The property becomes more attractive, space is freed up and the value and rental income increase.

Do you need to rethink your project?


News: ThermoCooler HP can now be integrated into Envistar Top. View an example in the video below:

Envistar Top

Stepless control

In some buildings, the air flow varies greatly, but there is still a requirement for close control of the supply air temperature. ThermoCooler HP meets the requirements through stepless control of the cooling and heating power via a frequency inverter.

The benefits of stepless control are:

  • low minimal air flow
  • optimal variable performance

The example shows Envistar Flex with ThermoCooler HP in size 980.


Designed dimensions

When we develop products, we place great emphasis on making it easy and cost effective to transport them into buildings. ThermoCooler HP has been designed in a separate module that will fit through an opening of 900 mm.

We hope this will make it easier for you to get the unit into the building, and even into narrow lifts.


Also sufficient in winter

On a cold winter’s day at -20 °C, IV Produkt’s unit with ThermoCooler HP can blow in a supply air temperature of 20 °C with a return air temperature of 22 °C without any additional postheating.

If the rotor has an efficiency of 83 %, the ThermoCooler HP heating/cooling pump together with the rotor can achieve a dry temperature efficiency over 90 %, excluding the electricity from the compressor.

Reference cases for ThermoCooler HP

A meeting that made a difference

An office property in Gothenburg needed to expand its ventilation, and comfort cooling was part of the project plan. In the end the solution turned into something completely different than a traditional installation.

Read about the project


Made space for working and living

Aldwych House in London is an old building which was in need of refurbishment and so was the air handling. With its compact dimensions, Envistar Flex with ThermoCooler HP was the perfect fit for the tight spaces.

Read about the project


Build your unit
with ThermoCooler HP

IV Produkt Designer is a product selection program designed for IV Produkt’s air handling units. The program generates unit drawings and information on performance, which can be exported to various CAD applications in the form of intelligent files.


Download IV Produkt Designer

ThermoCooler HP

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