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NEW EcoCooler

Integrated speed-controlled DX cooling unit with stepless cooling power

The EcoCooler integrated cooling unit is available for the Envistar Top, Envistar Flex and Flexomix units.

Units with EcoCooler are always tested at our test facility before delivery. Considerably less energy is required when EcoCooler is integrated in an air handling unit, rather than when the cooling unit is external.

Some buildings encounter major variations in air flow, while requirements are strict for accurate control/regulation of the supply air temperature. EcoCooler meets the requirements through stepless control of the cooling power via a frequency inverter.

  • 8 sizes for the Envistar Top series, air flow 0.12–2.8 m3/s with cooling power 1.6–75 kW
  • 14 sizes for the Envistar Flex and Flexomix series, air flow 0.22–10.4 m3/s with cooling power 3–260 kW
  • Complete CE-marked cooling installation
  • Optimal for wide variations in air flow VAV
  • Available with cooling recovery
  • Dimensions and weights
  • Performance and power

New refrigerant with 78% lower GWP value

EcoCooler can now be supplied with refrigerant R454B, which has a significantly lower GWP value (Global Warming Potential) compared to R410A and R32.

R454B has equivalent performance, energy efficiency and reliability as R410A. EcoCooler* will be available with both R454B and R410A.

*Envistar Top sizes 17 and 22 are delivered (delivery start Q1 2024) with refrigerant R513A which replaces R134a. R513A has a 56% lower GWP value than R134a.


Stepless control

Some buildings encounter major variations in air flow, while requirements are strict for accurate control/regulation of the supply air temperature. EcoCooler meets the requirements through stepless control of the cooling power via a frequency inverter.

The benefits of stepless control are:

  • low minimum air flow
  • optimal variable performance

The diagram shows the working range for the new EcoCooler in its largest size, 1280.


Designed dimensions

When we develop products, we place great emphasis on making it easy and cost effective to transport them into buildings. Where physically possible, we have made the module elements so short that they can enter through a 900 mm opening.

We hope this will make it easier for you to get the unit into the building, and even into narrow lifts.


How to cool a building in the best way

What is the best way to cool a building? In this comparison between four different options, we look at energy efficiency, installation complexity, noise and possibilities created by the placement of the cooling unit. Both installations with and without cooling baffles can be made more energy efficient with the help of EcoCooler.

Read the comparision

Reference cases for EcoCooler

ICON in Växjö

The new ICON landmark in Arenastaden will be the tallest building in the town. We have supplied all the air handling units for this new building.

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Gekås in Ullared

Gekås Ullared is the most popular destination for visitors in Sweden, welcoming almost 5 million visitors each year. We have supplied the air handling units for a number of phases of this ever-expanding location.

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Build your unit
with NEW EcoCooler

IV Produkt Designer is a product selection program designed for IV Produkt’s air handling units. The program generates unit drawings and information on performance, which can be exported to various CAD applications in the form of intelligent files.


Download IV Produkt Designer


Download brochures and technical documentation in our document portal. Here you can also find questions and answers as well as a knowledge bank where we publish tips, recommendations and more.

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