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Växjö, the greenest town in Europe, is growing really quickly. The new ICON landmark in Arenastaden will be the tallest building in the town. The building will accommodate 250 cooperative apartments, 4,500 sq m of office space, an aparthotel, a school for 500 students and a sky bar. The building covers a total area of 37,000 sq m.

We have supplied all the air handling units for this new building, most of which come with the EcoCooler integrated cooling unit. For the residential areas, we supplied units from our tried and tested Home Concept for apartment buildings. As we have a broad selection of products to choose from, we were able to adapt the sizes according to the various requirements throughout the building.

Our solution was compared with a district cooling alternative at an initial stage of the project. EcoCooler offered significant savings, primarily with regard to operation of the units. One of the main reasons for these savings was the fact that the cooling installation was integrated in the air handling units. The alternative using separate liquid cooling units would have involved costly pipework and lagging requiring lots of space.

The EcoCooler installation also left space free on the roof, which is being used for a terrace and sky bar offering views across the town. Smart installation creates new opportunities.



  • Option of utilising the roof
  • Operating costs significantly lower than with district cooling
  • Low installation costs


Property owner: APP Properties, Contractor: Ömangruppen Projekt


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