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New AHUs resulted in an
89 percent energy saving

Hospital/Nursing home
Envistar Flex
ThermoCooler HP reversible heat pump

Strömkarlen 4 | Helsingborg

The property Strömkarlen 4 in Helsingborg had an energy saving of 89 percent during September 2021 thanks to Consat’s energy project and new air handling units from IV Produkt.

In the heart of Helsingborg, the 7,000 square metres large property Strömkarlen 4 is located. It accommodates business and care facilities, offices and a parking place of 63 lots. The owner is Stadsrum Fastigheter.

Consat were assigned to generate a complete solution for a more energy-efficient building and in June 2021, two new air handling units from our Envistar Flex range were installed. Earlier, the property was ventilated with 8–10 other units and it was now, in other words, time for an upgrade.

Lars-Olof Lindeheden, COO at Consat and responsible for this project, explains that the reality has surpassed their expectations when it comes to the energy saving.

“Our projects around Sweden usually result in low energy usage for the properties, but we could hardly wish for a better result from the new solution at Strömkarlen. In August, September, October and November, the energy saving was as high as 81–89 % with a peak of 89 % during the month of September.”

Referens: Strömkarlen 4

With a view of Öresund, the crane truck stands at Helsingborg’s main square ready to lift out old parts and to lift in new air handling units and reversible heat pumps.​


Lars-Olof adds that the air handling units operated optimally with the prevailing temperatures during these months. For the most part, it was only the fans that needed energy. Also, during the rest of the months since the installation of the new units, the energy saving has been distinctive with an average of 66 %.

The installer for this project was Novum Installation.


Photos: Tommys Kranbilar Helsingborg


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