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Christmas wishes and opening hours 2023

What a year we have had! During the autumn of 2023 we have together with you, saved millions of kWh by replacing older ventilation units. Many of you have already noticed that AHU replacement is one of the best sustainability investments you can do. But there is still a lot to do as 85% of buildings in Europe are not considered energy efficient. Curious to know how much energy you can save by replacing a unit that is older than 20 years? Download our investment calculation here or watch our video here.

Opening hours Christmas 2023

We are closed 25/12–26/12 and 31/12, 1/1.

Other days of the week, you are welcome to contact us!

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Reference project that saves energy

Södra is a company within the forest industry, who decided to do an energy investment by exchanging several older units at their 12,000 m² head office. When the project is finished, they are expected to save hundreds of thousands of kWh on the new ventilation units as well as improve the indoor climate for their coworkers.


Launch of new refrigerant

After a test period of three years and with 40,000 operating hours behind us, we launched R454B during the year as the refrigerant for our cooling unit EcoCooler and our reversible heat pump ThermoCooler HP. R454B has a significantly lower GWP value (Global Warming Potential) compared to 410A and R32.

Learn more about R454B


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We have met many of you during the year at your businesses, at fairs or here at our place. It is always inspiring to discuss indoor climate with you, and we hope that 2024 will be at least as rewarding.

We at IV Produkt wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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