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IV Produkt Online – May 2021
Creative AHU solution for school in listed building

Welcome to a digital presentation from an upper secondary school in Halmstad, Sweden! We are challenged with creating a really good indoor climate in a listed building with clear restrictions on what can and cannot be done during renovation and retrofitting. Join us on a journey from 1925 to 2021!


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(15 min)

Presenter: Bernd Hake, International Sales IV Produkt

Like many others, have you experienced poor air quality in school? In this digital presentation from an upper secondary school in Sweden, you will learn how a new ventilation solution creates a better environment for teachers and students.

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Part 1: Intro (1:55)


Part 2: The challenge with a listed building (1:20)


Part 3: Older classroom units (3:10)


Part 4: Easy Access – Simple on-site transportation (2:00)

Part 5: New top-connected units (3:30)


Part 6: Interview with the project manager (1:50)


Part 7: Summary and conclusion (0:55)



Ask us your questions

During this live event, we received many great questions. Please contact us if you have any thoughts that you would like to discuss!

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Drone footage: Sturegymnasiets Spetsutbildning Film

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