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More alert students with
improved classroom ventilation

Historic building
Easy Access
Envistar Top

Sturegymnasium | Halmstad

Before: An outdated ventilation system, poor indoor climate and drafts from the ventilation.

Now: More alert students and teachers, good air quality and lower noise level.


When the ventilation at Sturegymnasiet in Halmstad needed to be improved, the challenge was, among other things, to follow the guidelines and restrictions for listed buildings. Some parts were built as early as the end of the 19th century and have thick concrete walls. The solution was to put an Envistar Top unit size 04 unit in each classroom.

In this video, Bernd Hake demonstrates the installation of new decentralised air handling units at the Sturegymnasium.

The investment cost of 25,000 euro per classroom includes everything: units and ventilation, electrical and construction work.


Better indoor climate

The air handling units have created a better indoor environment for both teachers and students. An even air distribution in the classrooms provides good comfort and also reduces energy use. IV Produkt delivered Envistar Top including a hand-held terminal with touchscreen. The Easy Access concept ensured easy transport.

“After getting this solution in place, students and teachers feel that they are more alert. They experience a lower noise level and generally a better indoor climate”, says Krister Hansson, project manager at Halmstad municipality.


Easy Access

The Easy Access concept made transporting the units into the classrooms quick and easy.

Easy Access – Air handling unit on the way into a classroom

Easy Access – Air handling unit on the way into a classroom

Easy Access – Air handling unit on the way into a classroom

Easy Access – easy site transportation of air handling units

Easy Access – Air handling unit on the way into a classroom

Air handling unit in a classroom at Sturegymnasiet

Installer: Hallands Vent & Plåt AB

Curious about how Easy Access works with larger air handling units? Watch the video here!


More schools planned

In recent years, ventilation has been replaced in about half of the 50 classrooms. Krister Hansson believes that the new ventilation can contribute to better learning ability for students. Additional projects with this new ventilation solution are planned at preschools and primary schools in Halmstad municipality. That students get the right conditions for learning in school should be a matter of course, and for that the indoor climate is of great importance.


A classroom example from a Swedish high school

  • The unit runs on a basic flow for each respective classroom. Depending on the number of people in the room, the air flow increases or decreases.
  • If the CO₂value exceeds 800 ppm, the air flow increases up to a maximum value of 300 litres/second. This corresponds to about 10 l/s per person.
  • The energy use for fans (SFP value) is 1.3 kW/m³/s.
  • The heat recovery rate is 83 percent.
  • The energy use in each classroom is approximately 700 kWh/year, which means a cost of about 140 euro.

The top-connected air handling unit Envistar Top in a classroom at a high school


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