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Degree project:
Working methods for efficient training of new production personnel

An effective learning curve that does not risk lowering quality is a success factor in a growing company in the manufacturing industry.

The aim of this degree project was to come up with a possible solution to counteract the long learning process. The group wanted to be able to present a proposal for a way of working in the future when training newly hired personnel, mainly in production.

The authors conducted this study using interviews and observations in order to map and create an overview of the current training process at IV Produkt. Theories were collected using literature studies. The group also chose to create data and methodological standards by conducting cycle time measurements in order to perform an experiment at a later date. The aim of the experiment was to investigate and test a new working method.

Prior to endorsing the degree project, an analysis was made between the theory and the compiled interviews and observations. The results of the experiment were a valuable source of new knowledge for IV Produkt. The final report also presented an improvement proposal that included various prerequisites for the successful implementation of the working method.

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