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Innovation Van is a showroom on the move in which we display our latest news on location at our customers around Europe.

This year, we have travelled over 10,000 kilometers along the roads of Europe. We have met with over 500 people, who have curiously learned more about us and our air handling units.


Great interest for top-connected reversible heat pump in Finland

This summer, we switched out the air handling unit in the Innovation Van to the new Envistar Top with ThermoCooler HP – an integrated reversible heat pump. Finland was one of the first stops for this year’s roadshow with the new van. The reception has been very positive and many participants have appreciated the smart features.

“It is impressive that this small unit has so many smart features”, a participant in Finland said.

IV Produkt Innovation Van in Finland

IV Produkt Innovation Van in Finland


IV Produkt Innovation Van in Finland


During the entire tour, participants have also valued to experience the product first hand, with a presentation right outside their offices.

“It has been great to see the air handling unit in real life. It is also convenient for us that the presentation is right outside the office”, said a participant in Germany.

Innovation Van continues through Europe

In addition to Finland, the Innovation Van has passed through several cities in Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and Norway. The dedication from those we have visited has been strong and we are looking forward to meeting more of you when this year’s tour closes, in Denmark.

These are the countries visited by IV Produkt Innovation Van in 2019.



A brand new generation of Envistar Top

Our top-connected air handling units have been a major success since their launch in 2004. We are now launching a brand new generation of the Envistar Top series, which thanks to a number of smart improvements is more flexible and energy efficient than ever before.

More on Envistar Top


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