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Information from us on 17 April 2020

The development of Covid-19 around the world has had an impact on all of us. At IV Produkt, we work intensively to develop and push the company forward in the current situation.

Considering the effects and restrictions that Covid-19 has created, our organisation functions well and our production is at full speed. When we cooporate and help each other, we get better at managing challenges together.

To give you a view of the current situation in our organisation, we would like to tell you a little bit about what is going on at IV Produkt.

  • We are closely following the situation and the recommendations from our authorities
  • The sick leave during March and April is marginally higher compared to last year, a result of precautionary measures in the current situation
  • The security of supply is high and has not been affected
  • The supply of materials is good and we have large stocks of raw materials, there is however deficiency of components in some product areas which can lead to longer delivery times.
  • Sales are higher during March and April compared to the same period in 2019
  • Our service, support and sales teams are here for you, so don't hestitate to contact us!

This is a snapshot of the situation right now at IV Produkt. With this said, I would like to urge everybody to continue to bring our society forward.


With an optimistic view of the future

Mattias Sjöberg, Owner and CEO

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