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Easy Access

With the Easy Access concept, we want to make your everyday life easier by simplifying site transportation.

We know that the air handling unit’s passage to the plant room can be narrow, which makes site transportation both complicated and expensive.

Therefore, we have developed a concept called Easy Access. That means that the unit is customised according to prevailing conditions, to ensure an easy site transportation.

  • Customised to simplify site transportation
  • Minimal unit dimensions and smart quick connections
  • Significant cost savings



Easy site transportation of Envistar Flex
with ThermoCooler HP

Thanks to the smart solutions of split design for the rotary heat exchanger and the reversible heat pump ThermoCooler HP, this large unit is easily transported through a standard door. To learn more, watch the video and get some helpful tips along the way!

Example 1
  • Air flow: 4.5 m3/s
  • Unit size (mounted): W 2220 x H 2465 x L 3760 mm
  • Split in: 11 sections
  • Door size: 2100 x 900 mm

Envistar Top with EcoCooler –
easily transported through a door

In this video, we show you how quickly and easily our top-connected units go into the plant room. This unit comes with the integrated EcoCooler cooling unit.

Example 2
  • Air flow: 2.0 m3/s
  • Unit size (mounted): W 1616 x H 1915 x L 2670 mm
  • Split in: 3 sections
  • Door size: 2100 x 900 mm


Easy Access simplifies site transportation
counter-flow heat exchanger

Our counter-flow heat exchangers can also be split for easy transportation through a standard door. This video will show you this process for a heat exchanger in size 240, that fits air handling units with air flows up to approx. 1.8 m3/s.

Example 3
  • Exchanger size (mounted): W 1400 x H 1686 x L 1865 mm
  • Split in: 2 sections
  • Door size: 2100 x 900 mm

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